Car wash & Detail Services Corporate Program

This page has been done to help the Corporate Employee HR/Services Manager and Others, bring our Car Wash and Auto Detailing program to their facility.

In today’s fast paced world, it is becoming increasingly beneficial for corporations to offer on-site services to all of their employees. Services such as on-site car detailing and washing allow employees to stay focused on their job while taking care of the day to day errands…   

Our Corporate Discount Program also offers significant discounts to employees of selected companies who choose to partner with My Premium Car Wash to improve their Employee Appreciation/ Incentive Program. 

Contact us for more information. Please include in your request the fallowing data, in order to give you the best price:

1-Number of vehicles.(Please send us, if possible Make and Model)

2-Commonly services needed. (See Car Wash & Auto Detail Section)

3-Day(s) of the Week for services (Weekly, biweekly or Monthly)

For your convenient,

We are licensed.

We are insured.

We are Certified and Experienced Professional Detailers.

We accept all form of payment (Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, Online* and Invoices)

We use quality products and reliable equipments.

We carry with our own water and electricity.

We have great prices.

We are Dependable and Reputable.

We use Eco-Friendly products.

We have an online real time appointment scheduling software for your covenience.

*We accept Online Payments with Google Checkout


We also try to find the less desirable parking areas so we don't inconvenience the people who are not using our service. When the parking is tight we pull the van in front of the vehicles we are cleaning. When we have more room we take up an extra parking space with the van.  In order to protect and preserve our customer's vehicles we put up a tent, this protects the paint from the hot sun while polishing and waxing. The Vans are fully equipped to wash and detail. 

Coming soon Co-workers Pre-pay Card for more Saving $$$$$$$$$

... allow employees to stay focused on their job while taking care of the day to day errands…

...bring our Car Wash and Auto Detailing program to their facility .

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